Pesticide Restrictions When Harvesting Feed and Forages

by Bruce Clevenger

The Drought stress has raised many questions about alternative feed, harvesting early and feed quality. One item to keep in mind are the restrictions that some pesticides have when using the crop for feed, forage or grazing. Pesticides include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, miticides, etc.  Some herbicides may have a 0 – 75 day restriction between application and harvest, feeding or grazing of row crops. University of Nebraska has a good reference on many row crop herbicide restrictions related to harvest, feeding and grazing.  Michigan State University has restriction information when harvesting drought-stressed soybeans for forages related to herbicides, insecticides or fungicides applications.

Growers are reminded to read and follow pesticide label instructions on restrictions associated with applying field chemicals to potential feed or forages.


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