Applying Liquid Livestock Manure to Wheat and Corn Meeting Planned

Applying swine manure to corn

by Glen Arnold, Field Specialists, Manure Nutrient Management

Livestock producers and grain farmers interested in learning about utilizing liquid swine and dairy manure on wheat and corn should plan on attending a program at the Putnam County Extension office on Thursday, March 1st at 7:00pm. The Putnam County Extension Office address is 124 Putnam Parkway, Ottawa Ohio 45875.

Top-dressing wheat in April (after the wheat has broken winter dormancy) using swine manure has worked well for producers using this application window. Liquid swine manure can contain from 30 to 55 pounds of ammonia nitrogen per 1,000 gallons. Applying manure as a spring topdress to wheat has produced yields similar or better to than purchased fertilizer when fields are firm enough to support the application equipment.

Side-dressing corn with swine and dairy manure has also proven to be an effective use of manure nutrients while saving the cost of purchased fertilizer. Applying manure to a growing crop also allows for better utilization of the manure nutrients, especially the nitrogen and phosphorus portions. Swine finishing manure applied as a side-dress to meet corn nitrogen needs also supplies enough phosphorus and most of the potash needed for the for a soybean crop the following season.

The application of manure to fields that have not traditionally received manure has resulted in improved test weights in wheat and corn harvested. While more research is needed to confirm these preliminary findings the results do look promising for grain farmers interested in having manure applied to their fields from livestock operations.

An additional topic will be discussing the modifications made to a 5,200 gallon manure tanker to adapt it for row crop manure application on corn. Modifications included replacing the 30” tires with 18” tires on offset rims, adjusting the toolbar to incorporate manure in standing corn, and calibrating the tanker for applying the correct amount of manure.

Registration cost for the program is $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Checks can be made payable to OSU Extension and mailed to the Hancock County Extension office, 7868 CR 140, Suite B, Findlay Ohio 45840. For a flyer that includes a registration form click here http://putnam.osu.edu/events/applying-liquid-livestock-manure

Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Livestock Manager credits for this meeting have been applied for.

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