Recovery of Wind Downed Corn

By Greg LaBarge, Fulton County

Wind downed corn from the July 11 storms in Fulton County caused a couple of sleepless night. The recovery was amazing though and I was able to document at a couple of sites the difference a couple of days made and resiliency of the crop.  A series of slides can be seen at this link Fulton Wind Damage Presentation. Note in the field picture the silo in the background and dates in the corner of the picture. The phenomena you are seeing has been played out across the midwest this year  with Wisconsin, Ontario and others see this same situation. Only corn tasseling or very close to tassel would be expected to see significant yield reductions.  Several articles were written on the topic. I would point you to these for further reading:

CORN Newsletter 2011-22 Effects of wind lodging on corn performance

Wisconsin Agronomy Advice July 11, 2011 Yield Response of Flattened (Lodged) Corn

King Corn Purdue (2003) Rain, Hail, Wind: What Next?


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