Identifying Wheat Head Emergence Stages to Time Head Scab Treatments

by Greg LaBarge, Fulton County

Head scab treatments are not 100% effective and timing of application is critical to get the most out of these products. In Northwest Ohio over the next 7-10 wheat will be entering these stages. For Fulton County a few fields are approach 10.2-10.4. Most are in GS 9-10.  The timing of application which is most effective is at GS 10.5.1 when the anthers are extended from the glume. The most advanced stage to the left is 10.5 which is just prior to pollination.  From the 10.5  stage look for anthers in the center of the head. A recent article from Pierce Paul in the C.O.R.N. Newsletter Issue 14 discusses in depth the effectiveness of products based on spray timing in a question/answer format.

Stage 10.5.1 with anther extending from the glume. Picture taken 24 hours after stage 10.5 reached.





The Head Scab Forecast Model is showing high risk in Williams and Fulton for wheat flowering May 19-26th. and medium risk in most of the region. The model also provides a forward look  based on recent days and the current forecast weather for 24, 48 and 72 hours in the future.

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