Heavy Rains throughout NW Ohio May 25-26 (Updated 5/26 9pm)

by Greg La Barge, Fulton County

Storm rainfall totals for the afternoon of May 26th added insult to injury with rainfall totals adding up to 3 inches to a small area of 8 inches in Defiance County for the period May 24th 9:32 am until May 26th 9 pm.





May 23 to 24 and the early morning on 25th allowed some planting progress throughout the area. Corn was the crop of focus and we currently for Fulton, Henry, Williams ( Report from Florian Chirra) and Wood County (Report from Alan Sundermeier) have made some planting progress. For Henry and Wood the northern part of these counties would be the focus area with planting progress. The further south the more likely that little if any planting has occurred.  The areas with planting seem to be in the 40-60% planted on corn and 10-15% planted on beans. Early emergence from May 5-12 planting generally are good although certain fields have crusting issues and emergence that is uneven.

Rainfall by noon brought all field activities to a halt. Doppler indicated rainfall showed 36 hour rainfall totals of 1 to 5 inches over a wide spread area.

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