Getting to Know the OARDC Northwest Agricultural Research Station

by Glen Arnold, Putnam County

The closest Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) station to northwest Ohio farmers is the Northwest Agricultural Research Station located near Hoytville in Wood County. While the OARDC is headquartered in Wooster, Ohio there are 11 outlying agricultural research stations spread around the state. The Outlying Agricultural Research Stations of the OARDC are vital to the success of the state’s ongoing agricultural research. While the laboratory is fundamental to any research program, the true test of Ohio’s agricultural research takes place in the field.

The Outlying Agricultural Research Stations provide facilities for scientists to conduct field experiments under the state’s numerous agriclimatic conditions. Soil type, terrain characteristics, climate, water supply, marketing opportunities, and human and natural resources are integrated to make this site-specific research responsive to the distinct need of every part of our diverse state. The variety of agricultural research is reflected in the state’s landscape, ranging from extensive grassland agriculture on the steep terrain of southern Ohio and the fruit and general farming area in the rolling hills of the central counties to the grain and vegetable crop flat lands in the northwest. Crop and livestock research closely match the agricultural efforts in these areas. The research stations also provide an opportunity for producers to see research in action under conditions similar to those experienced on their own farms.

Each outlying research station has a resident manager and technically trained staff who assist research scientists located at either the Wooster or Columbus campus. Investigators submit their requests for research directly to the research station manager. The manager coordinates research requests from the various academic departments which make up a total program for each research station. The Assistant to the Director for Outlying Agricultural Research Stations, along with the help of the researcher and the research station staff, arranges for the equipment, supplies and labor needed to conduct the research.

You can access more information about the OARDC Northwest station here http://www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/branches/branchinfo.asp?id=3

Matt Davis, Manager of the Northwest Agricultural Research Station provided a partial list of the research projects planned for the 2011 growing season. Some of these projects will be highlighted during the July 28th Field Day being planned starting at9:00 am.

Wheat Studies

  • Wheat Performance Trial
  • Seed Treatment
  • Fungicide Applications on Wheat
  • Wheat fall & spring fertility
  • Wheat variety breeding & development
  • Nozzle efficacy study
  • Wheat row spacing and population study
  • Tillage system study
  • Industry demonstration plots

Soybean Studies

  • Entomology Studies – 2 but uncertain of details
  • Disease studies – irrigated and have been seed treatments recently
  • Compaction studies
  • USDA and OARDC breeding and development
  • Soybean fertility – 2 projects
  • Soybean Council management study
  • Tillage x Rotation x Drainage +/- cover crops
  • Tillage system study
  • Long Term Tillage x Rotation
  • Industry demonstration plots

Corn Studies

  • Compaction Studies
  • Corn Performance Trial
  • Corn Silage Trial
  • Corn following cover crops – 3 studies
  • Corn P & K fertility
  • Manure (swine and dairy) as a side-dress on corn
  • Corn nitrogen management – 3 studies
  • Corn insect management – 3 studies
  • Tillage x Rotation x Drainage +/-cover crops
  • Tillage system study
  • Long Term Tillage x Rotation
  • Industry demonstration plots

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