2011 Soil Temperatures Cooler Than 2010

by Greg LaBarge, Fulton County

We have a great weather resource in northwest Ohio to track soil temperatures and other data throughout the growing season. The OARDC Northwest Agricultural Research Station has a weather station that tracks a variety of weather data for the branch and the data is accessible on line next day. One weather piece that is useful is soil temperature data at 2 and 4 inches. It would be no surprise that soil temperatures are cooler in 2011 than our 2010 season. The chart to the left compares March of the two years. The average monthly soil temperature for 2010 was 41.7 while 2011 averaged 38.9.  Average 2 inch temperatures for April 3, 2010 were 53.9 and April 3, 2011 were just 38.3. Warmer air temperatures will change this relatively quickly but right now there would be no rush to put seed in the soil until temperature start to increase.

The OARDC weather website is linked off the following page http://agcrops.osu.edu/ohio-weather-and-grain-livestock/ohio-weather-radar/oardc

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