The Business of Queen Bees

by Glen Arnold, Putnam County

Crossroads Resource Conservation and Development Council Inc. (Crossroads RC&D), along with partners Ohio State Beekeepers Association and Ohio State University Honey Bee Lab, is offering a choice of two workshops to learn the business of raising queen bees to sell. The first workshop is located in Piketon, Ohio and will take place April 15-16. The second is being held in Wooster, Ohio on May 20-21.
Speakers include Dr. James Tew of OSU Honey Bee Lab, Dana Stahlman, Dan O’Hanlon, Gabe Blatt, and Joe Kovaleski. The topics that will be covered include: Business Planning, Queen Biology and Trait Selection, Methods of Queen Production, Processing for Sale, Equipment, Grafting Stations and Demonstrations. Registrations are $75, limited to 50 at each location, and are on a first come, first serve basis. Registration materials can be emailed to you by contacting Crossroads RC&D at 330-339-9317 or emailing
Some funding for this program is being provided by Ohio Department of Agriculture – Specialty Crop Grant program.

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