Cleanup and Other Flood Information for Farm and Home

by Greg LaBarge, Fulton County

As the flood waters rescind, there are many questions about cleanup and recovery. Our colleagues in Wisconsin have a very comprehensive publication that could be valuable to share with your local clients while you go through this long term cleanup from the flood waters.The link to the Wisconsin publication is:

Several of the main topics:

  • What to do with pesticide containers – even the small household items that may be in your garage and outbuildings – page 6.
  • What to do with basements and crawl spaces – mostly restoration and rebuilding (pg 13-17)
  • Repairing damaged walls, ceilings and floors (pg 22 – 26)
  • What to do with electrical systems, heating systems,  (pg 18)
  • Salvaging food and cooking utensils (pg 35 – 37)
  • Safety and sanitation of sewage systems (pg 38)
  • Salvaging wet feed and grain; and livestock facilities in general (pg 42 – 46)
  • Salvaging forages, and management of pastures with regards to soil recovery, weed problems, and herbicide selection after the flood (pg 48 – 52)

Source: Dee Jepsen, Safety Program, Ohio State University Extension

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