How Facebook & Twitter Fit Farming and Family

by Glen Arnold,  Putnam County

Many farmers across the country are taking advantage of tools such as Facebook, Twitter, wikis, podcasts, YouTube and others to communicate with a variety of audiences.

To help local farmers and agriculturists make better use of two of these new tools, a workshop titled “How Facebook & Twitter Fit Farming and Family” is planned for Wednesday, February 21 at the Putnam County Extension office at 124 Putnam Parkway, Ottawa.

Farmers and others working in production agriculture are increasingly using new media to market products, communicate with others and tell their stories about farm life. As farming comes under increasing scrutiny from environmental animal rights groups, social media can be one way to show nonfarm folks what farming is all about. Few critics of agriculture have ever been in a milking parlor, fed pigs, repaired a corn planter or spent $1,000 filling a combine fuel tank with diesel.

These will be hands-on workshops to get farmers started using social media. Participants will have computers in front of them and be able to interact with the instructor and other students to learn more about these useful tools.

The workshops will focus on using Facebook from 3:30-6 pm. Then the focus will turn to using Twitter from 6:30—9 pm.

Dan Toland from the Ohio Farm Bureau will be the primary instructor. The cost of the workshop(s) is free to Farm Bureau members and $5 to all others. The workshops are sponsored by OSU Extension and the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Space is limited so to reserve your spot contact the Putnam County Extension office at 419-523-6294 in advance. The $5 cost is payable at the door.

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