Decision Making Resources for Crop Insurance

by Greg LaBarge, Fulton County

With the March 15, 2011 deadline to sign up for crop insurance  just around the corner for our spring planted crops you will be looking to make some decisions. Cost will be considerable higher when compared to 2010 and new insurance options exist as well,  so do not wait to start looking at the options. Some great on-line tools can be found from the University of Illinois which include options that provide pricing for Ohio county scenarios.

The Crop Insurance section of farmdoc has online 2011 Crop Insurance Premium Calculators. Also available for download is the 2011 Crop Insurance Decision FAST Tool, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet useful in premium estimation and crop insurance evaluation.

The 2011 iFarm Crop Insurance Payment Simulator returns estimates of premiums, frequency of payments, average payments, net costs, and risk reductions associated with alternative crop insurance products and election levels.

On Demand Webinars are also available describing the new COMBO product.  Don’t miss the presentation entitled “Crop Insurance and Risk Managements Strategies for 2011” which gives suggestions for choices of crop insurance products.

All of these farmdoc Crop Insurance resources are available at: http://www.farmdoc.illinois.edu/cropins/index.asp

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