Pork Quality Assurance Plus Certification Program Planned

by Glen Arnold, Putnam County

The OSU Putnam County Extension Office will be the location for a Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) Plus certification program for pork producers on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. The PQA Plus program will be conducted by Dale Ricker, OSU Swine Program Specialist and will begin at 6:30 p.m. The OSU Extension Office is located at 124 Putnam Parkway, Ottawa, Ohio 45875 and is on the west side of State Route 109 going north out of Ottawa.

PQA Plus program began in June of 2007 and replaces the Pork Quality Assurance Level III program that producers had been certified under since 1989.  As in the past, certification is valid for three years and producers can recertify at anytime prior to the expiration date on their certificate. Producers that are due to renew in the next year are encouraged to attend.

PQA Plus is designed to help meet the needs of pork industry customers including restaurants, food retailers, and consumers. Pork producers receive training and certification to assure that high priorities are placed on product quality, food safety, and animal well being.

PQA Plus was built as a continuous improvement program, and producers who get this certification are maintaining a food-safety tradition that will ensure U.S. pork products continue to be recognized domestically and internationally as the highest quality and safest available

This training program also provides information to ensure producers can measure, track, and continuously improve animal well-being. With PQA Plus, pork producers have another tool to demonstrate that they are socially responsible

Please call the Putnam County Extension Office at 419-523-6294 to register. There is a $5 registration fee payable at the door.

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